Create long-term wealth with a trusted business partner.

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Are you a passionate solo entrepreneur whose business is in a growth phase? Have you set the goal to reach your first SIX figure revenue year?  Are you ready for more than a bookkeeper: a trusted business advisor?

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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Dreaming about pulling in profits and managing your money in a way that feels easy? 


Of course, you are.  Because you're killing it and that's the next natural step.  You're working hard, doing your thing, and you're doing it well. 


It's time to level up.  You crave that flow-state-of-mind and you deserve it.


A life where you ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND the numbers and feel confident in your finances exists and is achievable.

Financial freedom is fun.  Getting there can be too!


The more you know, the more you grow.

Maybe it's a vacation you're dreaming of?  Money for a down payment on a new home? Consistent $5000 months without having to work full time? (I've helped clients achieve these)  We'll set your goals and implement an aligned plan of action with customized support

Save money when it feels impossible

Support in making powerful decisions

Understand roadblocks to save money

Dream big, set goals & start your journey

Are you in?

zero judgement

Trusting someone with your finances can be scary. Know you will never be judged here.


Together we will set goals and put systems in place that will take you on your own journey.  

personal support

One on one support - tailored specifically to you and your needs - truly unique.

proven method

Client track record of crushing financial goals and gaining confidence & power.

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Get started today!  Your journey starts here.