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Beyond-Basic Bookkeeping


  • Monthly transaction recording

  • Monthly reconciliation of your accounts

  • Monthly Profit & Loss reports 

  • Analytics Report for visual analysis of profit and top spending categories

  • Monthly touch point email that will include a debrief of your financial performance  including revenue, total expenses, monthly profit, and top expense categories

  • Estimated tax savings suggestion based on your profit

  • 1099 tracking (does not include filing)

    • You are responsible for providing your vendor information and completed W9 for each vendor at the time of first payment 

  • Set up QuickBooks Payroll or recording of 3rd party payroll transactions with report sharing at end of year with your accountant 



  • Quarterly call (60 min) - clean up and review of financial data

  • Quarterly estimated tax payment reminders

  • Tax prep support through checklist and 4th quarter meeting



  • Email communication with accountants: this includes one initial call and one 60 minute call with your accountant or additional call with you at tax time

  • Unlimited access via email to the Erin Jackman LLC team to answer financial questions as they arise 

Starts at $300/ based on initial assessment of your books, after

$500 on-boarding fee

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