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Are you ready to make this the year you get your finances in order to create the life you really want?  You are kicking ass in your business and you are ready to take things to the next level and create the wealth and financial freedom you desire. 

Are you having success in your business but are not yet paying yourself like  like a CEO?


Are you ready to take control of your finances, pay off debt and have your business thrive?

Do you want the insights and accountability to take the right actions each month to book the sessions, clients and sales to hit your income goals?

Do you want to leave the scarcity mindset behind,  step into your conscious earning and create financial freedom?

Are you ready to experience what it's like to receive in a big way and to align your energy with your next level of abundance? 

Imagine stepping into your highest level of conscious earning, having disposable income to travel, wearing beautiful clothes and jewelry, and signing up for new adventures.

Imagine investing in yourself, having money in savings that grows and hiring people for your team, knowing you can afford it all.

Imagine having a financial team that is invested and protects you.

Imagine living your fullest life feeling RICH every day!


Over the next 6 months you will...

Confidently run your business like a CEO, maximize your earning potential, and save and spend the way that feels good to you! 

Step 1- Clarify your vision for your rich life

Step 2- Create your path to profitability

We will rewrite your wealth journey by visioning your dream life and putting actual dollar amounts to each desire so you name it and see it coming to fruition, setting you up for your rich life. We will look at what is working and what isn’t working to create a customized plan for you.

We will create a new foundation by managing your expenses so you can be more profitable. You will become savvy on the expenses you can eliminate and the actions that will lead you to the greatest profitability in your business so that you can hit your big goal.

Step 3- Earn on autopilot

We will get your business on financial autopilot and have systems set up so that you are automatically making, saving and investing in an empowered way.


What You Receive

  • Two powerful, action based 1-1 calls with Erin

    •  We will create a personalized plan to move your business to the next level.

  • Unlimited access via email and Voxer

    • Never feel alone while making decisions. Get back pocket access to me and my team whenever you have questions about your business and finances.

  • Done-for-you Bookkeeping

    • We will also manage your bookkeeping so you are ready to hand it over to your accountant. 6 months included!


Our CEO days will be scheduled at times that work for you to enable big action on your timeframe. During our High Level CEO Calls we will cover topics like...

  • Mapping out how money comes and goes in your business so you always have control over your finances

  • How to calculate what you need to make and create a plan that works for you

  • Get paid consistently even when your income fluctuates

  • Save for taxes with gratitude and understand the long term benefits of business taxes

  • Manage your debt with grace and pay it off quickly

  • Live life outside of business hours by setting a schedule and creating boundaries that serve your clients and yourself.

  • We will even get into juicy topics like business love language so you can love up on your clients and make them feel extra special.

  • Understand your incredible value and raise your rates with confidence and be able to maximize your income without having to work harder. 

  • Learn how to talk to your partner about money in a way that feels safe and productive.


By the end of the 6 months you will have your dream life designed and know exactly what it will take to get there. You will have money in savings and have a plan to follow every month to stay on top of your taxes. 

YOUR INVESTMENT- $4800 for 6 months


The support Erin has provided for me allowed me to dream bigger, feel on top of my business and move forward confidently. 

When I first met with Erin, we set relatively modest goals but at the place I was in, even those felt unattainable. Not only did we reach those goals within the first six months.

Erin is not simply a bookkeeper, she's a mentor, cheerleader, and informed leader. She provides the structure that has helped me become aware of and therefore shift my mindset around money in a way that enables me to tangibly reach my goals.

Abigail, Photographer

Brielle image.jpeg

I feel so much calmer about my business finances

I feel so free knowing I have such incredible support in my corner.


By far, my favorite part of working with Erin is her non-judgemental yet no-nonsense approach to business finances.

- Brielle, Artist

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 4.05.00 PM.png

This was my ticket to growth and potential!

Without question, I would be absolutely lost and bogged down with the complexity of my accounting. I would not have the clarity and actionable steps for moving my business forward. I wouldn’t be buoyed up in the times of doubt and desperation. I wouldn’t have the confidence to take risks and be bold in decision-making as it relates to my business, and by extension, my life. I am certain that without Erin, my business would be nowhere near the trajectory it is on.

-Juliet, Interior Designer

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 12.34.11 PM.png

We finally have the money for our dream home!

I have never made as much as I am currently making in my business. Thanks to you and the work we have done I am able to help support my family in ways I never dreamed especially working part time and raising my toddler twins. One of the goals I had was being able to help my family purchase our dream home. We finally have the money for that home and will be purchasing later this year!! 

-Alexa, Online Reading Tutor

Hi! I'm Erin

I have over 15 years of experience in bookkeeping and business management. I've helped my clients save for homes, purchase second homes on the lake, put their kids in private schools, and take vacations they've dreamed about for years. My greatest joy is helping you see how to spend and save your money that actually gets you into your rich life.

I work along side you as your strategic business partner, allowing you to stay in your creative genius. My team and I get to know you and your business and care about your success as much as you do. We truly stand beside you through all the decisions, struggles, and celebrations as we support you on your wealth journey.


Book your Free Strategy Session!

We will uncover your goals, look at what’s keeping you stuck, and create a personalized path to move forward.

If we decide this is the best fit for both of us, we can discuss options to work together.

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