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The 3 Gems Your Clients Are Actually Paying For

Every single one of my Wealth Coaching Clients asks me the same question: “Is my service worth (x)?”. It can be difficult to feel the true value of your service, and awkward to put a price on it. Value is not a number. Hone these qualities to give your clients what they’re actually looking for, and execute your service in a way you can feel confident about.

  1. Connection; Your superpower

The foundational offering behind every service-based industry is connection. Creating a connection is the first element that sets excellent service apart. Whether they say it or not, your client came to you because they liked your style, humor, spirit, or story. Your client came to you because you have a unique gift; you are the only one who brings your service in the way you do. Your education, background, expertise are what your offer is structured around. When you create the connection by showing up authentically, your client is happy to have you by their side.

  1. Support; Better together

If your client was interested in being self-made, self-taught, or going-it-alone, they wouldn't have sought your services. None of us got here without a little help from our friends. Find a way to weave support into your service. Depending on your industry, you might consider weekly meetings, informative send-outs, Voxer support, or gather a group together either virtually or in person. Don’t underestimate the power of just being available to your client. When your client knows they can reach out to you they feel supported and held accountable. This is enough for them to take the steps they need to reach their goals.

  1. Outcome; Above & beyond

If you're still questioning the value of your service, consider your client's alternatives. They could spend days plumbing the depths of Google and YouTube for free tutorials heavy with information and light on real knowledge, or they'd have to pursue a degree or certification. Ask for and reflect on your client testimonials. What do people say about your service? In what ways did your service save them money, or create more leisure for them by saving them time? Did working with you alleviate their pain-point? Gather this information from your clients to better grasp the depth of your value. Summarize it in a sentence or two. Write it down somewhere you will see it every day.

Remember that your service doesn’t have to be complex and you don’t have to over-give on your time for your client to get the desired results. Exhaustion is not a requirement of good service. Trust that your client will get what they need because they feel cared for and supported.

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