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Virtual CFO & Conscious Wealth Coaching Services

You're a service based business owner who is ready to...

  • gain clarity and control over your finances through data driven recommendations on spending, saving, and owner's salary

  • pay yourself like a CEO

  • feel aligned with your income and spending

  • speak openly about money in a supportive atmosphere

  • set big goals and get the guidance you need to reach them

  • Monthly bookkeeping & bank reconciliation SO THAT you know where your money is going, you have less chance of an audit, and you are ready to file at tax time

  • Financial reports including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet SO THAT you can see exactly how much you are making spending each month. You will quickly see the profit you make each month and track your revenue goals

  • Revenue Management- SO THAT you can start paying yourself regularly and saving money for taxes while running your business.

  • Done for you 1099 contractor tracking 

  • 60-min Quarterly Profit Strategy Call. This is where we will dig deep into numbers to make sure things are clean and organized. We will discuss ways to amplify profit and manage expenses SO THAT you keep more of your money

  • 2 x 30-min calls per month to keep you on track to increase your profit. We will use this call to hold you accountable to taking actions from the Profit Strategy Call and develop the mindset to running your business like a SIX figure CEO. 

  • Complimentary email support for accountants 

  • Quarterly Tax reminders SO THAT you avoid fines

  • Monthly audits of business spending

  • Recommended transfers to personal and savings

  • Monthly Snapshot Summary & Explanation: percent of revenue for expenses and income/cost of expense categories each quarter

  • Annual budget plan and income forecast

  • Done for you 1099 contractor tracking and yearly 1099 filing 

  • Debt management

  • 60-min Monthly Call for financial review buckets of spending

  • 2 x 30-min calls monthly for check-in (as needed)

  • Full communication with accountants

  • Voxer Access

What's Included


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